Technical (HK) Manufacturing Limited is a product development company. We provide integrated research, design, development, and manufacturing services to the companies all over the world. We help our clients develop innovative and meaningful solutions to improve user experiences and enhance their lives. We specialize in wine ware, kitchen ware, and electronic hygiene.



WE ARE INNOVATOR: Adding value to our product based on market need and our client's market positioning.

WE ARE EXPLORER: Seeking through the manufacturing network to obtain most suitable product solution.

WE ARE MONITOR: Managing the operation chain from production to logistics to secure our client's benefit.



Passionate about innovation

Transforming client ideas and needs into innovative and marketable products and successful brands fuel the passion that drives Technical.

Experienced in manufacturing

Our staff have the talent, experience, and expertise required to translate industrial design, mechanical engineering, software and electronics development, and production management services into winning products.

Foresighted merchandiser

Our merchandisers build a great relationship with vendors. We have a good knowledge of product development. We are responsible for managing entire production and manufacturing process.

Quality Focus

Our quality control department ensures that the quality of the products can pass the AQL (acceptable quality level) as reference to military standard MIL-STD 105E. Our factory is able to pass clients' requirements in factory audits and final random inspections.

Marketing Strategy

We understand a winner product with suitable market strategy is the key to success, therefore TECHNICAL develop new product by adding value through design, function, product quality and also marketing positioning. Not only providing product, every project at TECHNICAL is triggered by marketing idea and end with marketing suggestion. We provide a complete market solution.

Delivering consistent success

We have a wide variety of client from different regional and product background. To serve the best of our clients, TECHNICAL are capable of applying the most suitable production or sourcing method to fit with different market position and pricing strategy to obtain optimum competitive advantage for our clients. Mass selling or premium product for niche market, TECHNICAL can provide the best solution.